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Shore Power Industry- Overview, Size, Share, Trends, Demand, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2030

The rise in shipping activities is estimated to make way for the development of the Shore power Industry 2020. The energy & power industry reports are produced by Market Research Future, which highlights market alternatives for expansion.  The market is anticipated to accomplish USD 2.82 billion, with a 12.93% CAGR by 2025.

The development of the cruise industry is estimated to shape the development of the shore power market in the upcoming period. With a significant spike seen in maritime activities, the industry players are estimated to contribute considerably towards the expansion of the market in the forecast period. The improvement in the standing of market players is estimated to open up new possibilities for growth in the forthcoming period.

Segmental Analysis

The segmental evaluation of the shore power market has been conducted based on connection, installation, region, and component. Based on the installation, the shore power market consists of shipside and shoreside. Based on the connection, the shore power market is segmented into retrofit and new installation. Based on the components, the shore power market is segmented as switchgear, frequency converter, transformer, cables & accessories, and others. On the basis of region, the shore power market has been segmented into the Middle East, Europe, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and South America.

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Detailed Regional Analysis 

The regional assessment of the shore power market includes regions such as the Middle East, Europe, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and South America. The Asia Pacific region is projected to have the chief market share in the shore power market. It is anticipated to observe the top development for the duration of the forecast. The Asia-Pacific region’s ports are concentrating on sustainability owing to the boost in the maritime industry, increasing concerns concerning local air pollution, and rigorous emission policy. Thus, a chief scope for expansion in the shore power market exists in the Asia-Pacific region. China was responsible for the principal market share in the Asia-Pacific. The range of stringent government regulations in the Asia-Pacific region is estimated to drive the expansion of the shore power market throughout the forecast period.

Competitive Analysis

The support of the administration in countries around the world is estimated to have a significant impact on the development of the market in the upcoming period. The market is in a state of flux due to the rapid and severe changes in the global economy. The market players are taking the steps that are necessary to ensure that the market survives the turbulent period and emerge recovered in the future. The fortification of the human resource is estimated to be the critical point being addressed in these times of uncertainty. The rebooting of manufacturing activities is another strategic aspect that is being emphasized to ensure that the supply of the end product can be reasonably ensured to the users in the market. The revamping of distribution channels is also expected in the coming years with a particular focus on using robots for the logistic function on a larger scale than before.

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The critical players working in the shore power market are ABB (Switzerland), Wartsila  (Finland), Siemens (Germany), Cavotec SA (Switzerland),  Danfoss (Denmark), Schneider Electric (France), VINCI Energies (France), General Electric (US), Cochran Marine LLC (US), Smart Plug Systems (US), AC Power Corp. (Taiwan), ESL Power Systems, Inc. (US), Igus (Germany), and Blueday Technology (Norway).

Industry Updates:

Apr 2020 The Northwest Seaport Alliance has received funding to help support a shore power installation at the Husky Terminal. The step is part of a broader program to establish shore power at terminals covering both the ports of and Tacoma.


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