Copper And Copper Alloy Industry Overview | Overview, Size, Share, Trends, Demand, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2030

The Global Copper and Copper Alloy Foils Market, by geography, has been segmented into North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. In the global copper and copper alloy foils, Asia Pacific is expected to witness relatively faster growth as compared with other regions owing to huge end-use industry penetration in the region along with presence of considerable number of producers coupled with cheap labor cost and growing exports.

Asia Pacific region includes countries such as India, China, Japan, India, and Rest of Asia Pacific. China and India are estimated to stimulate the demand of copper and copper alloys foil in near future. Asia Pacific accounts for 48% of market share due to easy availability of raw materials, minimum environmental regulations and robust industry growth in countries like China, India and Japan. Due to the excellent physical and mechanical properties of copper and copper alloy foils such as, elongation, tensile strength, high electro-conductivity and corrosion resistance among others, copper and copper alloy foils are widely used for an array of applications in the electronics and electrical industry such as, PCB (Printed Circuits Boards), PWB (Printed Wiring Boards), cable wrapping, and building wiring among others. In line with the rapid industrialization and urbanization, there is substantial need for power supply, and in order to address the demand more power transmission units are being installed. Thus, the increasing consumption of copper & copper alloy foils in the power generation industry is expected to propel the demand for copper alloy foils.

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Apart from application of copper and copper alloy foils in power generation and power transmissions, it is also widely used in the consumer electronics such as, home appliances, mobile phones, personal computers, and televisions among others. Thus, the penetration of new technologically advanced consumer electronics and increasing spending on the electronics devices is expected to boost the market for copper and copper alloy foils market globally.

The major players profiled in the global copper and copper alloy foil market includes: Amari copper alloys, global brass and copper holdings, Inc, Arcotech Ltd, Civen metal material, co. ltd, JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporations, Carl Schlenk AG, LES LAMINERIES MATTHEY SA among others.

In North American region, countries like US and Canada are anticipated to drive the copper and copper alloy foil market due to regained stability of housing market coupled with rapid urbanization and infrastructural development. Economic crisis in 2008-09 had a hostile effect on the housing market in the developed nations, with the current economic growth, housing markets in the mature economies are regaining stability and it is expected to pace up in the recent future. In context with housing market recovery, the construction activities in the mature regions is expected to increase. Copper alloy foils are widely used in the construction applications such as laminations for roofing materials, fixtures and faucets, plumbing among other applications. Thus, demand for copper & copper alloy foils among the building and construction sector is expected to boost the copper alloy foils market.

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On the plus side, rapid urbanization and increasing urban population in the emerging nations such as, Asia Pacific, MEA and Eastern Europe coupled with infrastructural developments in these regions are some of the growth prospects for copper alloy foils in emerging markets. The global building & construction sector is expected to project stable growth in the near future, as per the favorable micro and macro-economic conditions, for instance, regained economic stability of developed markets and rapid industrialization in emerging markets. In addition to this, the building and construction sector in emerging nations such as, India is expected to be the second favorable market for copper alloy foils market after China, owing to its rapid urbanization rate and increasing consumption of copper alloy foils in infrastructural developments. On a holistic level, the above mentioned factors are anticipated to substantiate copper alloy foils market growth.

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