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Ammonium Phosphate Market Potentially Growing Significant Business Opportunities with Industry Analysis Forecast to 2025

Market Research Future Published a Research Study on Ammonium Phosphate Market Research Report, Size, Share and Industry Analysis- Forecast to 2025

Ammonium phosphate is a chemical salt of ammonia and phosphorus. It is highly unstable, non-combustible compound and thermally decomposes to emit fumes of phosphorus oxides, nitrogen oxides, and ammonia. Ammonium phosphate is extensively used in fertilizer manufacturing and is holding a major share of the global ammonium phosphate market. The various available types of ammonium phosphates’ are mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP), di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), and ammonium polyphosphate.

Ammonium phosphate is used for the production of the most concentrated fertilizers namely Meta, pyro, and orthophosphates of ammonia. The global ammonium phosphate market is mainly driven by its application as a fertilizer due to the increasing demand from major agricultural economies such as India, Brazil, Argentina, China, Indonesia, among others. Mono-ammonium phosphate is a primary choice for fertigation due to its ability to create a moderate acidic nature, which is favorable for soil fertility. Also, it finds its usage in ABC dry fire extinguishing agent. Di-ammonium is widely used as a fire extinguisher due to its property of reducing combustion temperature and increasing rate of char formation, which reduces the chances of a fire breakout. However, the extensive use of di-ammonium phosphate as fertilizer makes the soil alkaline resulting in seed germination and root development problems. Besides being used as a fertilizer and fire retardant, ammonium phosphate is extensively used for water treatment. Wastewater is usually purified using biological processes, which require nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen and ideal pH environment. The increasing demand for water treatment owing to growing industrialization is another factor driving the market growth. The considerable growth of food & beverage industries is driving the ammonium phosphate market positively due to its application in the vine and wed brewing and in sugar purification.

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Competitive Analysis

Some of the prominent manufacturers in the global ammonium phosphate are Nutrien Ltd. (Canada), Yara (Norway), S.A. OCP (Africa), Haifa Chemicals ltd. (Israel), Coromandel (India), Jordan Phosphate Mines Company Limited (Jordan), Eurochem Group AG (Switzerland), Prayon S.A (Belgium), Yidu Xingfa Chemical Co., Ltd. (China), Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG (Germany), Yunnan Yuntianhua International Chemical Co., Ltd ( China), Innophos, Inc. (U.S.), FORBES PHARMACEUTICALS (India), Maaden – Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Saudi Arabia), and Vinipul Inorganics Private Limited (India).

Market Segmentation

The global ammonium phosphate market is segmented on the basis of the type, applications, and region.

Based on the Types

  • mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP)
  • di-ammonium phosphate (DAP)
  • ammonium polyphosphate

Based on the Application

  • Fertilizers
  • flame retardant
  • water treatment chemicals
  • food & beverages
  • and others

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Regional Analysis

The global dental adhesives and sealants market is segmented into five major regions Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa.

The Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region due to increasing demand for agrochemicals in major agricultural countries in this region. Economies such as China, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia are the major contributors on account of the high production and exportation of fertilizers. Additionally, the increasing rate of industrialization, urbanization, and infrastructural development fuelling the demand for the product in wastewater treatment, which may further propel the market growth.

The extensive use of fertilizers in the U.S. for crop production is the major driver of the market in the North American region.

Latin America is another substantial region in the market growth due to the high exportation of fertilizers by countries such as Mexico, followed by Brazil and Argentina.

Unlike the regions mentioned above, the market growth in the European region is expected to witness sluggish growth owing to the stringent “nutrient recovery rules” by EU Fertilizer Regulation may hamper the market growth in this region.


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